The Island Cast


Cast - Howard Horowitz

Howard Horowitz: Late forties door-to-door salesman.  Doomed to work the Mottershead Isle circuit for reasons yet to be disclosed, Howard is a man of unintentional mystery and limited motivation.  His needs are simple enough: make enough money for food and a roof over his head.  The Isle may not be so ready to make things easy for him.



Augustus ‘Gus’ Quigg: Early fifties proprietor of Augustus’ Grotesquery (and Hostel).  A born-and-raised islander, Gus is youthful, buoyant, and unsteadily responsible.  Proud to call Mottershead Isle home, Gus makes his living primarily off the deep pockets of tourists and a lot of luck.


More cast members to be added as they make their first appearances!