The Island Cast


Cast - Howard Horowitz

Howard Horowitz: Late forties door-to-door salesman.  Doomed to work the Mottershead Isle circuit for reasons yet to be disclosed, Howard is a man of unintentional mystery and limited motivation.  His needs are simple enough: make enough money for food and a roof over his head.  The Isle may not be so ready to make things easy for him.



Augustus ‘Gus’ Quigg: Early fifties proprietor of Augustus’ Grotesquery (and Hostel).  A born-and-raised islander, Gus is youthful, buoyant, and unsteadily responsible.  Proud to call Mottershead Isle home, Gus makes his living primarily off the deep pockets of tourists and a lot of luck.


Mason Field: Forty, owner and sole employee of Field National Airport (and Mechanic).  Surly and antisocial, Mason spends his time working on his airport, strengthening his drinking arm, and disparaging the island and everyone on it.  He probably has his reasons for all of this behavior.



More cast members to be added as they make their first appearances!