The next page is finally here, on the tail end of yet another move!  I’m hoping to get the pages out on a more regular schedule starting here on out.  There might be some bumps in the road for a bit, but hopefully soon I can get something somewhat steady to develop!  I would love to be able to update regularly.  So, that’s the goal!

It took me ages to get this going, I was intimidated both by the (slightly) more detailed background than the last couple pages, and by the full body shot.  Of course, once I sat down to do it, it wasn’t awful.  The background once I got my plane references was fairly straight forward.  The full body pose was a bit challenging for me, but I managed to pull something off.  At the very least, it’s done, and we can only move on from there and strive to keep doing better with each page.

Despite the time between pages, I don’t have too much to comment on, besides.  So, I hope you enjoy and I hope you stick around as the story progresses!  I’m excited to get to the next scene, which should be arriving shortly! As always, please remember to VOTE HERE for Mottershead Isle!  Feel free, as usual, to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for update notices and potentially other content.

Thanks so very much for reading!