Chapter one is officially here at last!  This page was sort of a beast for me.  There’s a LOT of things wrong with it, but at the same time, I’m pretty happy with it over all, partially because it’s finished and partially because I’m pretty pleased with how the characters turned out.

It’s nice to be moving into the story and getting a greater glimpse of the island.  It was super nice to draw some new characters, as well!  Also nice to be out of that absurdly long prologue.

So, here we are!  There will be one more lead-in page, and then the chapter title page will be after that.  Hopefully this chapter will do well to introduce you to the feel of the island and the comic itself if the prologue left a lot of questions in that regard.

Anyway, it’s great to get chapter one moving!  I’m super excited for it, and I hope you all are too!  Thanks, as always, for reading!

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