It’s been a long time!  If you stuck it out, thank you!

There’s been a lot of moving in the past few months.  Moving from one place across the country.  Then moving to another place not so close by again.  All in there I did not have my Cintiq, then for a time I had forgotten my stylus pen and had to wait until I could retrieve it.  (I’m stingy and didn’t spend money on a second pen when I knew I had one waiting. They are not cheap.)

For now, at least, there’s been time for me to stop and focus on the comic a bit.  So, here’s the new page!  I’ve done something a little different with the shading, for whatever it’s worth.  I like it, at least and think it adds some depth.  I was pleased enough that, while far from perfect, I didn’t completely botch drawing the characters after so long.

Whatever the schedule, this comic will continue, so I hope you keep checking back!  Again, I’ll post updates over on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr if you want a place to keep track of when a new page goes up!  My goal is still every Monday, though it’s likely still going to be wishy-washy with having a lot of things to do otherwise.

I said I’d get some other sorts of relevant links up, and I’m still going to do that as well, once I do some research and compile everything, so keep an eye out for that.

ALSO!  That cast page has now (finally) been updated with our newest named character, so go take a look if you want!

I’m excited for this comic to continue!  There’s a lot of fun events and many more characters on the horizon!  (We won’t be stuck with these idiots forever.)

As always, remember to VOTE!  On Mottershead Isle and yes, please, at the polls, too!