An update!

All that wait, and this is what you get.  Perspective is a suggestion, naturally, and I’m fairly sure that proportions are just a myth.

We all went into this with the warning that the art is a learning process.

Anyway, I’m super happy to finally, finally get this update up!  The next update will be the Official Chapter One Cover so keep your eyes out for that in, hopefully, a week’s time.  It’ll be something I’ve personally never drawn before, so there’s that to look forward to, I suppose.  Though, again, I’m excited to roll into this chapter and actually make some things happen, for better or for worse.

If you’re on Twitter, I’ve been posting a few cheap character sketches from some other things I’m working on.  I’d love to show you what else I’m doing in more depth, but alas, not yet.  The silly sketches on Twitter are at least small hints, you could say.

I still haven’t gotten those links up I that mentioned previously, but they’re coming soon and I’ll make an announcement when those go up.

Expect the cast page to get an update in a week or two, as well!  So many updates on the way!

Rest assured, even when it gets slow, Mottershead Isle is on the move!  If you’ve stuck with it so far, thanks so very much!  If you like anything you see, feel free to comment here or find me on Twitter, Facebook, etc via the links in the sidebar.

And always, remember to VOTE!

Have a great week!