Finally, this page is up!  Thank you, as always, if you’re here with this comic as it takes its baby steps into the world.  I hope to eventually be able to post more regularly than ‘whenever I can manage’ but rest assured, it IS chugging along and will continue to do so.  So if you have patience, we can see these characters, and the many more waiting in the wings, through.

Between this comic and the last, I made yet another move, so it’s been continuing to be a very busy time.

This page was, perhaps, the easiest to do so far. Or the least time consuming.  I did Stella’s eyes different in each panel as I learned how to do them, but despite that, when the page involves no backgrounds and only one person in one panel, it’s not so bad.

That said, it should all be downhill (in the bad way) from here, as the pages are going to require a good bit more technical finesse.  It’s good, because it will test my skills and hopefully push me to get better.  Bad because, well.  It’s going to hurt.

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Thank you, and until next time!