And so we have what is perhaps an ‘official’ introduction of Mason Field!

It’s nice to have someone that’s not Howard to draw.  This is an ensemble cast comic, so even if it’s slow-going, we will be meeting many more new faces down the road and I’m looking forward to each and every one of them.  One day we won’t have to follow around just these few lunkheads.

Field’s hair I think so far might be my masterpiece.  It cracks me up and it’s rather enjoyable to draw, even if I have to redo it a million times to get it the way I want it.  This page was pretty fun as a whole, probably because ultimately it’s very simple.  Closeups on faces, and I made no effort to draw a background both because the story necessitated those closeups and because I wanted the focus to be only on the characters.  It’s nice to draw the different face shapes as well, so even when it’s just drawing two people, there’s variation to explore.

I’ll be updating the cast page soon, as well!  Even that makes me happy, because the longer the cast list gets, the farther into the story we are, which means progress.  I also got this page out in a timely fashion, so there’s that.

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Anyway, have a great week!